5 letter words starting with sh and ending in y


Below, you’ll find words that begin with “Sh” and end with “Y”. We have searched through a comprehensive dictionary to find these words for you. By reading this, you’ll learn 5 letter words starting with sh and ending in y, along with their meanings.

We have listed all the five-letter words that meet your query below;

  • Start With: SH
  • End With: Y
  • Word Limit: Five Letters  
  1. shaky
  2. shaly
  3. shily
  4. Shiny
  5. shady
  6. showy
  7. shyly

How this Article will help you?

In recent times, there has been an increase in searching for 5-letter words. Here are a few 5 letter words starting with sh and ending in y, e.g. Sh__y. Don’t worry if you are facing a hard time finding words due to a lack of vocabulary. We will help you to find the answer to the problem. 5 letter words starting with ‘SH’ and ending with ‘Y’ Letter with their meaning can be checked on this page:

List of 5 Letter Words Starting With SH And Ending With Y with their meaning

1. Showy 

Meaning of  Showy

means something that looks very attractive or flashy, often to get attention, but it may not have much substance or quality.

2. Shaky 

Meaning of  Shaky

describe a feeling of nervousness or lack of confidence.

3. Shaly  

Meaning of  Shaly

something that is composed of or contains a lot of small rock fragments or shales.

4. Shily

Meaning of  Shily

means to do something in a shy or timid manner, like when someone acts hesitantly or with a lack of confidence.

5. Shyly

Meaning of  Shyly

In a nervous manner

6. Shady 

Meaning of  Shady

means something that is not trustworthy or suspicious.Or Having shadows. It can also refer to an area that is cool and protected from direct sunlight. 

7. Shiny 

Meaning of  Shiny

means something that reflects a lot of light and looks very bright and polished.


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What word starts with S and ends with Y and has 5 letters?

shaky, shady, showy, shyly etc. all words with meaning listed here in this blog.

What is a 5 letter word that starts with SH?

shaky, shall,shily, Shiny etc all word with meaning lister here.

5 letter words starting with sh and ending with y

shily,shiny, shady etc all word with meaning listed in this article.

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