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In this blog, we see all the Christmas words that start with q with their meaning. Searching through all the English words, a number of Christmas words began with the letter q. The following is a list of 29 Christmas words that begin with Q.

Here are the Christmas words that begin with the letter Q

1. Quaint

Meaning of Quint: 

unusual or old-fashioned but attractive. Something that is quaint, old-fashioned, and charming. 

2. Quail

Meaning of Quail: 

an Old World bird with a short tail that looks like a tiny partridge, typically camouflaged in brown

3. Quality – 

Meaning of Quality : 

the measure of something’s excellence when compared to similar things

4. Quantity – 

Meaning of Quantity:

the number or amount how much of something you have.

5. Quit – 

Meaning of Quit :

stop doing something

6. Quince Pie – 

Meaning of Quince Pie:

 a traditional Christmas dessert made of enclosed pastry and spiced poached quinces.

7. Quirky – 

Meaning of Quirky: 

something or someone that is a little bit unusual, odd, or different in an interesting or unique way.

8. Quiet-

Meaning of Quiet:

an act of making little to no noise. 

9. Quilt (Christmas Quilt )

Meaning of Quilt: 

is a warm blanket or cover made by sewing together layers of fabric with soft material inside.

10. Queen – 

Meaning of Queen

King’s wife/Female rulers or leaders of independent states or countries.

11. Quarter

Meaning of Quarter:

dividing something into four equal parts, and a quarter represents one of those parts.

12. Quill– 

Meaning of Quill:

Feathers are found on a bird’s main wing or tail or the hollow sharp spines of a porcupine. 

13. Quart

Meaning of Quart: 

It is ¼ part of the measurement unit used for measuring liquids equal to one-quarter of a gallon or two pints in the US. 

14. Quite –

Meaning of Quite:

means something is almost or completely.

15. Quest

Meaning of Quest:

the act of searching for something / long journey in search of something.

16. Quietly

Meaning of Quietly:

means doing something or being in a way that makes very little or almost no noise. 

17. Quick

Meaning of Quick:

The ability to move fast or do something in a short time. 

18. Query

Meaning of Query:

A question typically addressed to an official or organization.

19. Question

Meaning of Question:

is when you ask something to get information or an answer.

20. Qualification

Meaning of Qualification

means the skills, knowledge, or requirements that make you suitable or eligible for a particular job, task, or role

21. Questionnaire-

Meaning of Questionnaire:

 A set of printed questions with a choice of answers is often devised to help gather information or conduct a statistical survey. 

22. Quartz

Meaning of Quartz:

is a type of mineral that looks like a clear, shiny rock. It’s often used in making jewelry and watches. 

23. Questionable-

Meaning of Questionable:

 means something that raises doubts or concerns. 

24. Quarter-

Meaning of Quarter

dividing something into four equal parts, and a quarter represents one of those parts. 

25. Quartet

Meaning of Quartet:

A group of four people who play music or sing together, or a set of four things or people. 

26. Quadrant

Meaning of Quadrant:

is like a quarter of a circle or a square. It’s a part that divides something into four equal sections, like cutting a pizza into four slices, and each slice would be a quadrant.

27. Quivering

Meaning of Quivering

The act of trembling or shaking with a slight, rapid movement. 

28. Quickly

Meaning of Quickly:

means doing something fast or at a high speed, not taking a long time to complete a task. 


In this Article we learn 28 Christmas words that start with q with their meaning.

FAQ:christmas words that start with q

Christmas words that begin with the letter Q

Quartet , Quartz, Quivering, and 28 words in this article

List of Christmas Words That Start With Q

In this article we listed 28 christmas words that start with Q

Christmas words beginning with q?

Quaint, Quality , Quirky and a total 28 words listed above in this article.

4 Christmas Words Starting With Q

Quantity, Quaint, Quality , Quirky

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